Captivate Project’s focus is to bring to others knowledge that can inspire, equip and serve others to dialogue with Muslims to correct misunderstandings about our Christian faith. It is our desire to one day see fear replaced with faith and love toward millions of Muslims.  We do this through prayer, training, local outreach, and coordinating short-term trips with experiences designed to open up conversations about God.

Prayer is vital for effective ministry to our Muslim neighbors. Join Christians from around North America and Europe in praying specifically for Muslims every Friday at noon. Sign up to receive our prayer letter containing specific prayer requests .

Training is essential for effective ministry among Muslims. We offer training that provides a practical understanding of Muslims, as well as methods that any Christian can use to effectively communicate the Gospel. 

LOCAL CONNECT helps you to begin sharing the Hope of knowing  Jesus with Muslims in your community. We are dedicated to establishing growing  groups of Christians committed to sharing God’s love with the Muslims around them. 

Short-term Overseas   For 2016, we are planning to coordinate short-term trips that will provide life changing opportunities for Christians to immerse themselves in Muslim culture, build personal relationships, and participate in ministry with local believers. Our trips are designed to stretch and challenge team members to further invest themselves in reaching out to the Muslim world.

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